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. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up, luke russert gives us an indepth profile of john boehner and he'll look at how his childhood has pacted his view of the world. stick around for that. >>> now to other breaking news happening on this monday out of venezuela at this hour. we're getting pictures finally into us here. this is a plane you see here that had 51 people on board. it crashed, and officials are saying at least 21 people have survived. this plane was traveling from the caribbean margarita when it went down. this is a smaller plane. about 40 to 50 people can fit. n it. so stick around for developments throughout the day. we have new pictures of hurricane igor. this is video from the international space station. you can get a sense of how large igor ics as it encompasses a portion of the earth. category 4 hurricane with 150 miles pehour winds. the national hurricane center say it's growing stronger by the minute. let's go to nick walker at the weather channel who is watching that for us. nick, that's what you're looking at over the right shoulder. but that's not the only one on
. >> nbc's luke russert joins us from capitol hill. we were expecting the vote 2:30 eastern time. we understand that's been pushed back. the big question is do the democrats have the 60 votes needed to end the gop filibuster? >> right now the indications are that democrats do not have the votes to end the gop filibuster. particularly because of susan collins saying she had problems with the parliamentary procedure going on. susan collins of may wanted an open amount of amendments on the floor for this bill. harry reid wanted only three. that's something they have to work out to discuss how the debate would go on the bill. collins felt the republicans were being shut out. that could mean a deal is being worked out that there's a delay on the vote. we don't necessarily know what is going on. but that's certainly a possibility. perhaps harry reid is trying to talk with other republican senators who may be on board this. there's been talk of a retiree from ohio on board. maybe lisa murkowski because of what happened in alaska. maybe she would be willing to go. democrats need to grab one
over $250,000 a year? luke russert is on top of this. he is going to be coming before the camera. we'll get to him right after this break. a decision made, apparently, that there will be no vote on the extension of those bush-era tax cuts until after the election. ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at [ male announcer ] at ge capital, we're out there every day with clients like jetblue -- financing their fleet, sharing our expertise, and working with people who are changing the face of business in america. after 25 years in the aviation business, i kind of feel like if you're not having fun at what you do, then you've got the wrong job. my landing was better than yours. no, it wasn't. yes, it was. was not. yes, it was. what do you think? ta
the balance of power in congress. luke russert joins us live from capitol hill. luke, which states are you watching that might have a photo finish here? >> well, the two that really have the political class here in washington chatting a lot are nevada and wisconsin. let's start off in nevada. primarily because it's one of the biggest symbolic prizes for republicans in a chance to knock off harry reid. right now he's leading in the most recent poll. 45-40. but his republican opponent, sharron angle, seems to keep coming, keep coming, keep coming. he, in effect, can not put her away. while reid is unpopular in a lot of the state of nevada, a lot of people are not sold on angle because she has a lot of positions outside of the mainstream. this past week she got in trouble for questioning the mayor's health care insurance coverage for folks with autism. that is not necessarily played well with a lot of independents within the state. what james carvel says she could be running the worst in the country and could still win. he still continues to have the lead. republicans desperately want the sea
? and then what? >>> plus, growing up boehner. luke russert has a look at the hometown of the man who could be speaker. >>> but first, democratic representative jackie speier was shot five times during which tragic event? we'll have that answer coming up. my doctor said most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- te, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. >>> bottom of the hour now. let's take a look at what's driving this monday. >> investors hope the momentum from gains last week carries over this morning on wall street. dow futures took the market in on the positive note. president oba holds a meeting with advisers on afghanistan and pakistan today and later today, the president heads to a private residence in virginia to discuss t
. luke russert is joining us from capitol hill. i know the bill passed with the senate. it was a big push from the president, wasn't it? >> it was indeed, alex. there was a huge push by testimonies to get this done in the summer. republicans were able to filibuster it. the measure passed today 61 to 38. it gives over $12 billion in tax cuts to small businesses. it also creates a $30 billion loan fund for a lot of small businesses that deal with community banks. banks $10 million or less. they're in the business of lending to smaller companies. they'll now have some sort of fund to free up credit so small businesses can do anything from expand the story stores to remodel. a lot of this is designed to try to have work employers hire new workers and spur growth in the small business sector, which they really think will drive the economy. republicans view it as another bailout. something that will not necessarily impact the economy right away, more borrowing on the dollar and is not paid for completely. democrats say this is more necessary than ever. we need to get this going guard so people
to break the republican filibuster. luke russert is on capitol hill and, luke, tell us a little bit more about while senator voinovich decided to side with the democrats here. >> senator voinovich is retiring, tamron. he comes from ohio, a state that has a lot of small businesses. greatly benefit from this bill. what the white house hopes to do with this $30 million is spur small banks to open up their lending for small businesses. within this bill there is going to be a part of the bill in which banks that are worth less than $10 billion will get government funding to try to open up the credit markets for other small businesses and you'll also see a lot of tax breaks going to small businesses that want to remodel their shops or perhaps build an expansion to spur growth in the construction market. a lot of things in this $30 billion that the white house and congressional democrats will really move a lot in the way of job creation, especially in helping out small businesses. another thing which we're going to see here, which is quite interesting, tamron, democrats take this as something t
poised to become speaker if republicans can retake the use, nbc's luke russert explored some of his background traveling to ohio to looke int the congressman's roots. luke is live in nework for us. what did you find out? >> folks on the left tried to define boehner as a country club republican and "the new york times" talked about ties to the lobbyist. he grew up as one of 12 kids in redding, pennsylvania. >> hidden from the people? hell no, you can't! >> reporter: john boehner has risen to heights on capitol hill. that trip began on another hill. >> if you blink, you miss the street. >> hill street in redding, ohio. at the top, a house shared with 11 brothers and sisters. you had 12 people in this house or 14? right? 12 kids. >> 14. i see the -- when we were younger, that addition on the end wasn't there. mom and dad slept on a pulout couch and john, ste and i in one bedroom. >> reporter: maneuvering the large catholic family is where the leadership skills come from today. >> started right there. you know? he might have wanted something done a certain way but it wasn't possible be
the least, my friend. luke russert on capitol hill, thanks. >> reporter: be well. >>> a new poll shows that democrats are gaining the upper hand, meanwhile, in two closely-watched races in california. in the race for governor, jerry brown has a five-point lead over republican billionaire meg whitman. she's the former ceo of ebay who has spent $110 million of her own money in the race. then in the u.s. senate race, democratic incumbent barbara boxer has an it's a-point average over challenger carly fiorina, former head of hp, hewlett-packard. a tough fight for boxer who is facing her stiffest challenge ever for the seat. turning to the three-way u.s. senate showdown on the opposite coast in florida, republican mark rubio is gaining ground on independent governor charlie crist, now leading by 12 points. the poll showing kendrick meek has closed the gap with crist. >>> he is going to fight and he says he is going to use rocks. the bishop abuccused of coercin young men to have sex speaks out. >>> legalizing marijuana in the state, residents have flip-flopped their view. i want to give my 5
to compromise on tax cuts. nbc's luke russert heads to the republican leader's hometown for a look at man behind the headlines. >>> the lady's a champ at last night's mtv music awards. we talked to a sports guy named steak, how ironi lady gaga wore steak. wore steak. that's a theme going on here. a. was always the hat guy. i can't even tell you how much it's changed my life. [ male announcer ] only rogaine is prove to regrow hair in 85% of guys. no more hats. [ male announcer ] stop losing. start gaining. it means getting everything you need to invest for yourself, not by yourself. it means cosing from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and every etf sold. plus 5-star service and research designed to increase your intelligence, not insult it. so you can wave good riddance to some high-priced joker churning out cookie cutter portfolios. price is one thing. value is another. don't confuse the two. e-trade. investing unleashed. >>> california cou become the first state to legalize recreational marijuana. proposition 19 would take away criminal penalties for people 21 and older for possession of an ounce
. >> nbc's luke russert joins us live from capitol hill. time is running ouflt we're talking about the end of the session really. is susan collins from maine, a republican who supports this, really going to let it go down because of this procedural fight? is that where we are right now? >> reporter: it it looks like that's the case. all indications are from sources from both sides, they're telling me that they don't believe the democrats will be able to muster the 60 votes to break the filibuster to allow the debate to go forward on the defense reauthorization bill. that being said, if it goes down today, it can definitely be brought back up after the election. a lot of what the republicans are worried about within this bill, andrea are, is not the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, but the fact that harry reid will not allow an open amendment process. it's essentially limiting the amounts of amendments. that has angered mitch mcconnell, the republican majority leader, as well as what you just saw there, susan collins of maine as well as olympia snowe, another moderate democrats hoped would
be giving them $100,000 for people making $1 million or more. >> luke russert on capitol hill. here is the thing, luke, both sides claim they want to help the middle class. so where is the compromise? >> reporter: what you're seeing now, contessa, in the short three weeks that congress will be back here in d.c. before the november midterms is tax cuts becoming the major issue. you can see president obama trying to drive a wedge between john boehner and mitch mcconnell. john boehner said republicans are unified saying they don't want any expiration of the bush tax cuts. that is somewhat contrary to what boehner said on sunday, where he said if all he could get was the middle class tax cuts he would support that. one republican said he wperson boehner was saying boehner was there for the middle class. that being said, any movement on this issue will start in the united states senate where there are not 60 votes right now for president obama's middle class tax plan. there are only maybe in the number of around 52. folks i've spoken to in the united states senate said between six and ei
and talk to small business owners. luke russert is on capitol hill for us and, luke, give us the thumbnail sketch here. what is in this pledge? >> the pledge has to deal with five other areas. it has to deal with jobs, the economy, reforming congress and congress spending national security and some of the specific things you'll see in this pledge from the republicans today, they'll rule out the following. they want to reduce government spending and go back to 2008 levels that has to do with national security. they want to repeal the national health care law and mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac and they want to make the bush tax cuts permanent. those are some of the main facefa facets and president obama is coming on stage right now and we'll hear from him and his national security speech. >> the president, when you recall when he first went before this world stage basically said to folks there that he knows that there are a lot of expectations accompanying my presidency. let's listen in to hear what his second message is before the u.n. general assembly. >> there are also challen
to the elections and some shaping to be barn burners and luke russert and, you know, when i ask you what the closest races are, luke, there are many to watch. >> many to watch. five that politico have a real eye on colorado buck versuseses bennet and also we have in nevada harry reid versus sharron angle and let's talk about in nevada, one that many people in washington have a close eye on because it impacts the democratic majority leader to the senate harry reid new poll showing him leading for the first time, 45-40, however sharron angle making outlanding comments including the rationale of autism and health insurance still within striking distance and showing that harry reid has a tough fight on his hands. she could be running the wirscome pain in history but she still could win. that's a very, yeah, it's amazing, amazing statistic there that shows you how disenfranchised people are with harry reid in nevada and sharron angle and that state has been hit by 14% unemployment. another one we have a lot of interest here in washington is wisconsin russ feingold in the fight of his life aga
luke russert is on capitol hill. luke, if nothing else, colbert is definitely bringing to our attention this issue that touches on a lot of things of concern to a lot of americans right now, immigration, jobs, and our food. >> right. stephen colbert testified before a subcommittee about immigration. he was talking about the plate of a lot of undocumented farm workers in the country, a lot of the folks that pick the apples and oranges that we use every day of our lives. what he was trying to get to, quote, migrant workers suffer have no right. he was a little comedic but he was also serious. take a listen. >> i've got to ask why isn't the government doing anything? maybe this ag jobs bill would help. i don't know. like most members of congress, i haven't read it. >> and there you see stephen colbert making a joke there. but trying to tell members that this bill could possibly help out a lot of these undocumented workers that face this situation. what colbert had done, he had actually gone to a farm at the invitation of the united farm workers in new york and did back-breaking work for te
of this week. nbc news correspondent luke russert is live on capitol hill and, luke, i understand they made a decision about this. >> steny hoyer the house majority leader is having a session with reporters as we speak right now and just informed my colleague producer sean thomas that the house will, in fact, stay in session through the end of this week and go through the beginning of next week and might be out before friday, october 1st. the house has not gotten out. there's still a possibility they could leave early and there is some speculation that they might bolt by friday in order for members to go back to their districts and try and save their jobs, essentially, from the democratic side and also the republican side. people on both sides at the end of the day will tell you that they want to go back. republicans and the leadership say they try to escape town and before they dealt with the other problems affecting congress. most importantly, a continuing resolution which would have to be passed by the senate, taken up by the house. that is the entire budget feed of the united states gov
at ground zero. nbc's luke russert joins us live from capitol hill. luke, the republicans want to bring in the issue of people who were undocumented workers who could perhaps be compensated. that's the issue that they were holding on to for this, right? >> yes. let's take a little history lesson here, tamron. back in july, this vote went down under suspension. democrats tried to offer it without an amendment process. the reason why that vote failed was essentially because not enough republicans came over to the democratic side because they were worried about legislation in there that would actually give these benefits to undocumented workers and first responders who appeared on the scene on that horrific day in our nation's history. what we're now seeing is the bill going forward through a normal rules process. republicans will have an opportunity to offer an amendment. it's called a motion to recommit. in this amendment, we are unclear what exactly republicans are going to offer. there's been talk that if it is an amendment that would bar illegal immigrants or undocumented workers who
russert joins us live now from capitol hill. luke, explain exactly when we expect the senate to vote on the small business bill. >> that should be between 12:15 and 1:00 today. it is expected to pass, thomas. it was able to break closure on tuesday with george voinovich of ohio and both thought it was necessary for this bill to move forward. democrats tried to bring this up in july and it was filibustered back then because the gop see it as a continuation of a bailout policy. the bill costs about 30 billion and within this bill an aggressive effort by democrats to try to get money to smaller community banks, banks worth $10 million or less to try to have a loan fund which some experts say could create, leverage $300 billion worth of loans for small businesses. what do they really want small businesses to do? they want them to remodel and they want them to expand and make new hires and also a provision in there which a long-time investor within small businesses would not have to pay capital gains tax and you can deduct from a small business if you're self-employment tax. there is a lo
to vote for the bill. nbc's luke russert joins us live now from capitol hill to talk about this. luke, with at least one democratic senator indicating that he'll vote against this bill, do the democratess really have the 60 votes they need to move forward? >> right now, thomas, according to sources that i have spoken to, it does not look like democrats have the 60 votes to break the filibuster on this bill. one of the key problems with this, aside from the democratic senator that you mentioned, snowe and collins of maine, two republicans that go on to break filibusters. voted for don't ask don't tell out of committee and both have problems with the parliamentary process and usually when you have a bill of this magnitude sometimes an open amendment process and bring up relevant issues and in this case harry reid is worried that republicans will bring up amendenedments on this bill that can prove to be controversial before an election season. because of him limiting the amendments, snow and collins have cried foul saying they don't want to go through with allowing debate on this vote. t
of the "jersey shore" will face kill roy in the battleground state of ohio. luke russert joins us from washington with a look at that. she's in trouble, luke. >> she is, indeed, poll after poll shows her trailing her opponent. somewhat ironic. this is a district where barack obama won in 2008 and still popular. a lot are worried about the economy and republicans seem more enthusiastic about voting. ohio's 15th district is in the must win for republicans if they are to take back the house of representatives. making nancy pelosi a dirty phrase is one of their key tactics in meeting this goal. >> she's a very, very party centric candidate. she's a democrat, liberal democrat, voted 94% of the time with speaker nancy pelosi. >> reporter: in this district obama is not a dirty word. mary jo needs him and his hole sis to excite her base. >> you're in a district where unlike other parts of ohio, president obama's policies rate quite favorably. why do you think it's such a tough fight. >> it's a swing district for decades, republican district but now it's trending democratic. i think that's why i'm going t
luke russert is live on capitol hill for us and he's been looking into this money battle. so, who's doing the spending and where is the money coming from, luke? >> in her first press conference since the congressional recess ended yesterday, house speaker nancy pelosi believe she will be speaker after november. listen to what she said after she said about the united citizen and how money from outside third party groups can be a connection. >> i think it undermines our democracy, but it is a reality and we're not whining about it, we intend to win. no whining. just go out there and win. >> well, most sounded like a football coach saying she won't whine about it. just go out and win. look at this absluolutely stunng graphic. given over $10 million to republicans and only about $1 million to democrats. in the house, it's $3 million for house republican candidates and only $1 million for house democratic candidates. so, third party money is heavily going over to the republican side, almost ten times more in the senate and double in the house. a lot of house democrats i spoke to yester
in character as the anchorman also known as steven colbert. luke russert is live on capitol hill and there are more than a few people in and outside the beltway that say, what the heck is going on there, luke? >> an amazing story and one that gives us a lighter thing to talk about on capitol hill. steven colbert will actually testify before a subcommittee of the house judiciary committee about the plight that migrant farm workers face. this is part of the united farm workers campaign of take my job. essentially steven colbert went to a farm in new york state and worked for ten hours picking fruit and now wants to give his testimony about picking fruit to this committee about the plight that migrant workers face. many undocumented. >> for ten hours he picked fruit and now he's testifying? i'm serious, he's testifying before congress because he picked fruit for ten hours? i used to pick apples every fall, no one asked me to go testify in front of congress. >> there is mixed opinions whether this is a good idea because colbert will be in character. representative of utah used his tw
't ask, don't tell. he says "this is not a serious exercise. it's a show." luke russert joins us from capitol hill. where do we stand right now on getting the votes just to move the ball forward? >> reporter: all indications right now, contessa, the democrats will not have the necessary republican votes to break the filibuster on the defense reauthorization bill and hence the debite on it will not go forward. it willie happen after the midterm elections. this is something harry reid deeply wanted to move forward. obviously the don't ask, don't tell is something that excites a lot of democrats, definitely fires up you their base. a lot feel it's morally the right thing to do. that being said, republicans don't necessarily have an adversement to repealing don't ask, don't tell. they're averse to doing it in the manner you're talking about. a lot of republicans have the chance of amendments will not be offered in debate. harry reid would be limiting the amount of the amendments, that's what's alienated voters such as susan collins we heard from as well as owe lip pa snowe. it will be int
. luke russert with the latest for us at the capital, thank you so much. >>> the last primaries before the midterms can give us a lot of insight into the political direction our country is headed. haltly contested primaries, seven states across the country today. the big storyline for you to watch, the tea party threatening the republican establishment. the closest races is in delaware where christine o'donnell has a chance to beat congressman mike castle. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell is live in wilmington, delaware, with the very latest for us. >> well, good morning, richard. fewer than 30,000 republicans are expected to vote in today's closed primary and what they decide could be pivotal in whether republicans have any control of retaking the senate november. it's that big of a deal. what's happening here is the typical kind of republican that has more success in a blue state like delaware, is mike castle. he's more socially moderate and has run here many, many times over the years and has always been successful. he is up against a successful tea party candidat
with lobbyists. tax cuts for the wealthy. >> let's bring in luke russert. tax cuts are the big issue. will they nd common ground, the president with the republicans? >> a lot made of john boehner saying he would support the middle class tax cut if tre's the only thing he could get butl sources say aot of house democrats especially vulnerable ones don't want to be seen as tax and since they would like to extend the bush tax cuts 100% as well as mr. boehner and by boehner saying is, he appears to be a compromiser and almost extending an olive branch and knows that democrats would not push this -- democrats won't have the votes for the middle class only tax cuts because people would have to walk the plank looking like tax raisers. interesting strategy. >> i don't understand, though. this idea of tax raisers. are the american people not listening? all they hear is taxhi that's all they hear. do they not understand that it real only affects the wealthiest of americans? what president obama has -- is proposing, what he's pushing fo is very similar to what republicans are propo
charges. nbc congressional correspondent luke russert joins us live with today's hill say. are democrats stalling before the elections because we had maxine waters and certainly charlie rangel on our air numerous time s saying they wan the opportunity to clear their name. >> that's what the members said in this statement, which was quite a surprising move for us here on capitol hill. this committee really operates in almost secretive way and especially supposed to be nonpartisan and remove from the bath that is american politics. it is supposed to be atonmous on that and the republicans on this xwhity called off the democratic chair woman and said, look, you have been stalling and we wanted to have these numbers before the november mid-term elections and if we can't establish before the congress is on a recess, we'll do it in october. republicans are playing politics, which is supposed to be a nonpartisan committee. a lot of republicans are saying, look, at the end oof the day charlie rangel, maxine waters have both said, we want a speedy trial and republicans now are simply saying there
or serve two years in the military. luke russert is on capitol hill to explain that. what is the dream act all about? >> it's legislation that essentially says, look, if you came to this country before you were 16 years old and you've been in the country for five years and you got your high school degree and you've gone to the military for two years or to college for two years, the u.s. government wants to put you on a path to citizenship. that's what the dream act is. it was created a few years ago with an essence of sort of giving illegal immigrants who are here for a while, who are younger, who have been engrained in american culture a pathway to citizenship. harry reid attaches it to the defensive authorization bill. he's saying it's part of the defense bill because there are a time of folks who serve two years in the military that are not citizens who if they're fighting and dying in this country, they should get their citizenship. >> and let's talk about the connection between lady gaga and harry reid. in the first tweet that we have for everybody, it reads, gay veterans were my vma
't hang out with questionable folks in high school? >> luke russert live on capitol hill. she's joking about it, you know, she says i was in high school, we all did stupid things in high school but she did cancel two major interviews, i assume, in part, because of the clips. what's going on? >> reporter: what she's doing chris is taking a page out of the ran paul play baook. you remember rand paul was against the civil rights movement he canceled his appearance on "meet the press," having that honor very small group of people. she seems to be taking that approach. sarah palin tweeted christine o'donell saying, quote, connect with local voters whom you will be serving versus appeasing the national media seeking your destruction. so that seems to be the o'donnell strategy. blame the national media as this force is going to try to take her down and be this force behind her demise, to be this force as trying to take mask -- unmask who she is and to try and totally disrupt her connects with local voters, that's what she's going to do. a lot of the folks within the tea party, a lot of the fo
pelosi to have a one-year extension. nbc's luke russert is in washington, d.c. so is nancy pelosi reacting to that? what's her take on extending it for a limited period of time? >> well, yesterday, contessa, nancy pelosi didn't really "lew us to try and put her into a box shall assay at the press corps, only that middle class tax cuts would pass by the end of the session. in regards to what happens in the house a lot of democrats in the house want the senate to go first. they believe any plan they pass through the house will encounter difficulty in the senate. they're trying to see a compromise arise in the senate. some democrats are open to this idea as well as republicans. folks like tennessee, maine, utah. this would do, they say, allow the nation's economy to recover, and then attack the tax issue as a part of a broad are overhaul of the nation's tax code coming any other the end of the year of president obama's deficit reduction meeting that's meeting. they want to tie it together. >> what i don't understand. they're going to say, let's extend it two years. the tax cuts for t
secretary robert gibbs is tweeting about him as well. nbc news correspondent luke russert hags mos more on the hi news. leavg the door open, is this compmise? get out of this? what does he gain by doing this? >> it's interesting. a few things. one, he's no defines himself as theclear-cut leader of the republican party. the best chance the republican party has to participate in government in years if they can win the house and he can become speaker. ying i will vote for middle class tax cuts it does not allow the democrats to paint him as an obstructionist who would hurt the middle class in favor of the rich. he looks to america where he's being defines and getting more national attention than ever before someone who will pros party mise than being th of no. this is a guy that sticks to his guns, showing a willingness to compromise on the sge. the white house allers their position saying he's not the obstructionist, maybe he could be someone we do work with. >> you watch the polls, too. you think that democrats are on their heels, that he'd go faher to extract more value if u will, out
luke russert. >> so, luke, what happened, buddy? we know that nancy pelosi didn't want to bring it to a straight up or down because the blue dogs were worried and the hispanic caucus was worried. it happened, why? how? >> it happened and it's a quite interesting backstory. it was something that both parties were working on over the august recess. specifically king and weiner and the new york delegation. and late last week we got word from pelosi and hoyer that they were going to bring this up for a straight up and down vote. but it took a lot of lobbying sources on the side of peter king to try to reassure nervous democrats that the bill would not have to do with illegal immigration. some would want to offer a poisoned pill amendment that would bar the funds from this larger $7.8 billion fund to go to undocumented workers who are amongst the first responders. they said that was unjust. if that amendment had been brought up, the democratic leadership would have killed the the bill. sources told me even as late as yesterday, that was a distinct possibility. the republican motion t
from luke russert last week. they are being disciplined now, john, not talking about mosques and not talking about other distractions. they are talking jobs, jobs, jobs. that is the winning message, isn't it? >> yes, it's true. i think where harold is wrong, i think, at this moment, the economic numbers have come out the past three weeks or so have been really bad for democratic party. the message is now sunk in. it's been growing over the months but it's really sunk in. the stimulus did not do what it has promised. the situation of the economy is as bad as barack obama thought it was going to be when he said if we don't pass the stimulus, this is how bad it will be. >> i mean, that's a general narrative in terms of how people are feeling. howard dean, for the democrats, what is the compelling message that the dems need to sort of dig in on when it comes to jobs, given the situation we're in? how can they do it? >> it's a two-part message and i think very doable. the president has done a great job in the last few weeks getting around the business if you want the country to go
the candy. >> got to get rid of that belly. >> luke russert, you're doing a great job, and a lot of people have said, your dad would be really proud of the great work you're doing on the hill. >> i'm glad to be out here and get physically fit. >> mika, back to you. >> the health challenge continues, we're going to keep walking, dr. regina benjamin, thank you very much. willie geist, take it. >> well, mike barnicle and i broke into a full sprint to get down here, we're already halfway down. >> the crowd from the assisted living facility is right behind me. >> it is a slow shuffle it seems. barnacle and i are just waiting for the group to catch up here at the midway point, we'll make the turn here and we'll take the route to the finish line. we'll be right back. with the "morning joe" bipartisan health challenge. words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion indep
and billionaires and we're saying we can't afford that, not in our fiscal condition. >> nbc's like russert is on capitol hill. so, luke, explain why are we at this point right now? >> reporter: well, essentially what we've seen here, thomas, last week the united states senate, dick durbin said this issue's punted until after the midterm elections because the democratic caucus in the senate could not reach a cohesive majority in terms of what they believe should be the pass forward on tax cut issue. the legislation cannot be completely fixed because you need the senate vote to be there. you could see an 11th hour campaign in the house, which is taken up by progressive house liberals who have circulated a letter signed by over 41 members to have nancy pelosi try to extend the middle class tax cuts and then not extend them for the highest earners. why do they want to do this? they want to say we're on the side of middle class tax relief, challenging republicans to come out against it. however, on the democratic side in the house, there is still a lot of infighting as to whether to do on the t
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